Busy Print Fix

Busy Print Fix

Ruth Eads

I don't know that I understand the why, but I do know that when I look in the mirror when wearing a blouse or shirt with a busy print I am not pleased.  Of course I have googled this phenomena and apparently there is some science behind why some face shapes, skin tones and facial features don't compete well with busy prints, yet I am still drawn to bitsy florals, paisleys, gingham, geometric shapes, etc. Many "how to dress for the camera" articles caution against busy prints in photos!  At least I must not be alone in this phobia!

The blouse in the photo is one of my favorites as I love the "gilded age" vibe, William Morris aesthetic and rich jewel tones. However I was disappointed when I recently saw a picture of myself in this blouse!  It does not work for me and it was even taken outside under a beautiful sky and great natural lighting.  

However, as is my solution with many wardrobe pieces, I elected to layer this blouse with a Ruth Eads On Point Removable Collar in crisp white.  What a difference it made in both my perception and the amount of compliments I received when I paired with wine colored wide leg trousers and faux suede boots in the same hue.  Apparently the white border between my face and the print is just the right amount of separation!   Who would have thought?  

Ruth Eads layering collars are the best little accessory you never knew you needed!  Easy to pop-on and off with a strong but discreet magnetic clasp. It is now a breeze to expand ones wardrobe options.  



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