Collar Confidence

Collar Confidence

Ruth Eads

In this past year of working remotely and stay-at-home mandates, I have found my confidence lacking.  I am embarrassed to say it may be due in part to my rather meager attempt when it comes to pulling myself together in the mornings.  It has been rather easy to just throw on a robe and slippers, start the coffee pot and sit down at my laptop to begin the day's work.  However, hiding behind my screen with a cute "Squeeze the Day" sticker strategically placed over my computer's camera eye, has left me craving a confidence boast.  

This last couple of weeks I have made an honest effort to "dress" for work even if it is taking place at what once was the kitchen table.  A pair of ombre draw string joggers from Anthropologie, my still pristine, white Superga sneakers, long sleeve with no motivational quote tshirt, simple gold post earrings and a Ruth Eads' removable collar remind me that "I've got this."  This seemingly unappreciated routine has done wonders for my day.  What is your confidence booster?

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