Perfect Pairings

Ruth Eads

As things begin to slowly open back up, I am confident that small formal gatherings will soon return.  I am talking wedding season, ladies and gentlemen!   From those that I have the pleasure of knowing, that are planning upcoming nuptials, I have asked the looming mask question.  I am pleased to say that the majority are asking guests to wear masks.  While this is great on the fighting Covid front, now in addition to worrying about sandals or closed-toe, hoops or posts, clutch or cross-body, we now have to lament over the the perfect mask!   Rather than sift through hundreds of online shopping sites looking for the right style, the right hue, the right embellishment, why not create the perfect custom mask to complement your formal attire?  

Ruth Eads offers complete face mask customization!  You provide a picture of your dress or suit, color swatches if available, pattern design preferences (are you a solid, floral or graphic lover) and your preferences for mask shape (pleated or fitted) and we will email you a mock-up of 3 styles to choose from in a variety of fabric patterns to complement your evening's wardrobe.  It is that simple!  

We have you covered, literally!  Contact us today. We are at your service.  

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