A New Fashion Accessory for 2021

Ruth Eads

I love neckwear in general!  I love scarves, bandanas, statement necklaces, men's ties, bow ties...anything that adorns the neck.  Perhaps because I have a long neck I prefer to show it off - use what you've got, right?  Thus the impetus behind my neckwear line, Ruth Eads!   

While all of the above neckwear favorites are perfectly suitable, I have always been drawn to how a crisp and professionally pressed shirt collar adds the perfect amount of style and sophistication to one's attire.  However I am not particularly keen on being tethered in a button up, long sleeve,cuffed blouse on most days, especially as I work remotely.  Voila...Ruth Eads Removable Mock Collars was my light bulb moment.  Of course removable collars are not my invention...have you ever heard of Miu Miu?  Ms. Prada does amazing collars!  However my collars are far more affordable, crafted in small batches here in the USA, use fine cotton shirting fabric and are equipped with a discreet front magnetic clasp which allows for easy-on-easy-off.  They are the best!  

I hope you give this favorite yet unconventional new neckwear accessory a try!  And tell us what you think. We are small and thereby nimble, and are driven to create the best removable mock shirt collar ever produced!  

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