Vintage Sweatshirts Having a Moment

Ruth Eads

Vintage sweatshirts are always in fashion. I typically grab one from my closet shelf to ward off a chill in the air, but more often than not I select one to add a pop of attitude to my OOTD.  Whether it is emblazoned with a  vintage rock band, favorite ski mountain, university mascot or this 1980's Disney sweatshirt from a trip in the same decade to the Magic Kingdom, I typically pair with favorite jeans, white Supergas, floral skirts or add a fabulous scarf like this cherry sprinkled cotton bow cut from a pristine piece of found vintage fabric.

I am not prone to run out of the house in a sweatshirt and leggings.  No, I one of the few that have not wholeheartedly embraced  leisurewear.  However when I add a scarf or other neckwear, the entire looks says, "yeah I just pulled this fabulously sassy look together in a nano-second, and I am ready for anything."

The next time you look in your closet and are perplexed as to what to wear, grab your favorite vintage sweatshirt and a scarf or tie, and enjoy the smiles you will certainly receive as you move through your day.  

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