Take Me Out to the Ballpark...

Take Me Out to the Ballpark...

Ruth Eads

Does anyone else find themselves eager to dress up for outings that before Covid might only have demanded a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops?  Like a trip to the ballpark! 

I now give the same thought and care regarding what to wear to a baseball game as I previously did to dress-up-date night!  After so many months spent in sweatshirts and drawstring joggers, I covet any opportunity to don an outfit that expresses style and surprise!  Sure I have my favorite team t-shirt and player jersey (although he was traded post season), but I decided to glam-it-up on opening day at the ballpark with a Ruth Eads Co. pre-tied, adjustable MLB branded pussy bow in soft cotton. The day was forecast to be close to 80 degrees so this layering essential paired perfectly with a rich red off the shoulder puffy cropped top!  After countless compliments and kudos, and a request from an opposing team fan for a bowtie, I knew I had hit a  homerun with this simple accessory! 

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