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About Us

Forever finding myself hopelessly drawn to the men's tie counter at my favorite department store and the abundance of fabulous patterns, fabrics, colors, textures, and most importantly, personal expression, I created Ruth Eads Co. to bring the same flair to women's neckwear.  Although since then, I have learned that gender-defying and gender neutral fashion is much more my thing.  Our line of fashionable and fun removable statement collars enhance any wardrobe piece from dress, sweater, jacket, t-shirt or favorite pullover.  Move seamlessly from home to office, from dinner to the theatre or club, with Ruth Eads' neckwear for any occasion.  Ruth Eads' statement collars are Made in the USA by our dedicated and passionate network of home-based seamstresses, me included!  

Ruth Eads is a fictitious character.  She exists only in my heart and soul.  Her name is a combination of my two beloved Grandmothers' first names. Ruth, my paternal grandmother, was an amazing seamstress.  She could create anything with needle and thread including a leatherette jumper for my Chrissy doll (yes I am revealing my age here) to the beautiful matching quilts my sister and I proudly displayed on our twin beds in the room we shared growing up. My maternal grandmother, Edrie, was not an avid seamstress, but was glamorous and always dressed to the nines whether lunching with the ladies along Kansas City’s famous Plaza, or with her three granddaughters in tow at the zoo!  Both women shaped my fashion sense and personal style in different ways. 


I love fabric, textiles, vintage and fashion.  I have learned over the past few years a great deal about the toll fashion takes on the planet and on developing economies and their workforce.  As a flea market and thrift enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for deadstock fabric and discarded treasure.  When at all possible, we will incorporate these finds into our collection if it makes sense to do so and meets our standards for quality.  If a yard of unused high quality cotton poplin is found on a shelf at a resell store and it passes the muster...we will use but will always share its provenance with our customers.  We want to assist in normalizing upcycling, repurposing and less wasteful alternatives while still delivering a beautiful and cherished piece for your wardrobe.